Flood and Stream Restoration in Durham NC

In June 2010, the State of North Carolina approved a bill for flood and stream restoration in Durham County, NC. The bill would allow water districts to build and maintain levels in rivers and streams. The project would reduce sediment loss and increase stream stability. The money is from two Clean Water Management Trust Fund grants totaling $636,000. In addition, the Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative provided additional funding to help with the transaction cost of three conservation easements. Once these are in place, the property owners are expected to maintain the wetlands.

To complete the restoration work, the Durham SWCD partnered with the NC Division of Water Resources, Piedmont Conservation Council, Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative, and Grove Park HOA. The community also donated a conservation easement and cash contribution to help finance the project. Once completed, the work will be completed and the city will be able to re-use the wetlands as a source of drinking water for years to come.

As part of the project, the Durham Soil and Water Conservation District and landowners in eastern Durham worked together to restore a stream that flows into Falls Lake. The stream is a sediment-impaired tributary of Little Lick Creek near the headwaters of Falls Lake. Through a Clean Water Management Trust Fund Grant, the project reclaimed a section of the stream using natural channel design techniques. Civil and Environmental Consultants provided design plans and construction services.

The Durham SWCD and the Piedmont Conservation Council received grants to finance the stormwater treatment system, reuse ponds for athletic fields, and rain garden at Southern High School. The grant is the largest flood relief grant in North Carolina since it will help the city recover from devastating storms. It also funds a network of local businesses that provides disaster recovery services for local residents and business owners. If you’ve suffered water damage in Durham, NC, you’ll want to call Carolina Water Damage Restoration for immediate help.

If you are a Durham homeowner, flooding is a serious problem. Fortunately, the Carolina Water Damage Restoration team provides fast and reliable storm damage repair and restoration. When you’ve experienced a flood or water damage emergency, you can trust the expertise of a skilled team of specialists. They provide prompt and efficient service to residents and businesses in Durham, NC. They also have 24/7 emergency restoration and repair services to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses.

The Durham Soil and Water Conservation District recently completed a restoration Durham NC with landowners Aaron and Emily Walker. The stream is located on a sediment-impaired tributary of Little Lick Creek near the headwaters of Falls Lake. The project was funded by a Clean Water Management Trust Fund Grant and restored a portion of a section of the creek. After construction, the waterway was renamed, Panther Creek.

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