Toilet Repair FAQ

There are many different bathroom emergencies, from a toilet that won’t flush properly to a leaking sink. Toilet Repair can occur any time, day or night, and sometimes it even happens when you’re not even in the bathroom. Toilet Repair is something people tend to forget about until something goes wrong, but it’s a necessary step for keeping your home clean and hazard free.

If you’re having trouble with your toilet, it’s always good to check your manual first and see if there’s a basic Toilet Repair that you can do yourself. Generally, a clogged toilet will cause the bowl to leak onto the floor, but the most common (and easiest) bathroom repairs are going to clear out the clog. Basically, clearing out the clog is super easy, and usually you already have a portable toilet plunger handy. Here are some more Toilet Repair fact that you might find interesting:

Q: Is it recommended that I hire a plumber to complete my toilet repair job? A: Hiring a plumber to complete your toilet repair should be a last resort. It’s a big job, even for a professional, and often they’re booked for weeks or even months at a time. Plus, they can cost a lot more than simply replacing the wax ring. If you’re having a minor problem, replacing the wax ring might be enough, especially if it’s just a hole that won’t close on its own.

Q: Why would you want to remove the wax ring? A: If the ring is severely cracked, it may be an indication that there’s a problem with the tank behind it, which could lead to a complete replacement. However, if the crack is just a tiny one, it may be enough to just lift off the wax and get to the clog, which is always easier.

Q: Is it recommended that I drain the tank and flush the contents through the toilet? A: No, never drain the tank through the toilet! The tank lid (and chain) are made out of fragile plastic parts that can easily break if they come into contact with your plumbing tools. You’re better off just flipping the flapper and using the chain to pull the toilet down and flush it. Then you can drain it as needed.

Q: Is it recommended that I hire a licensed plumber to fix my leaky toilet? A: We definitely recommend hiring a plumber to fix any toilet/toilet/sewer problems that you have, whether it’s a simple disconnect or a serious problem. If you know the exact cause of the problem (like a buildup of moss inside the toilet), then you can usually find it with a little DIY labor and a few hours on the weekend. While you can often find a good plumber for really basic fixes at your local home center or hardware store, we highly recommend hiring a professional to avoid the potential for more costly damage to the fixture.

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