Car Key Replacement Can Be Complicated

What do you do if you accidentally lose your car’s key? You call your local dealership, of course, but they tell you it is impossible to replace a car’s key under any circumstances. “At Carey Pros, we provide all the latest in high-tech automotive key technology including programming and cutting new high-security keys on-the-spot. If all your keys suddenly disappear, we can immediately originate new key cutting and programming for you so that you get back on the open road.” – Jim Strong, Car Key Pro

Car locksmiths across the country are also experiencing an unprecedented demand for services such as ignition re-keying. Many people are now choosing to “go it alone” when it comes to replacing their vehicle’s ignition and changing the locksmith because they are not equipped to perform the more complex tasks necessary to perform car key replacement. These locksmiths do not have the skills, training, or licensing to change the ignition or re-key ignition to fit an old or new set of keys. Nor do they have the requisite tools to perform the task. This means that many do-it-yourselfers are opting to purchase an ignition re-keying kit, install it themselves, and then call the locksmith professionals in their area.

ignition re-keying provides many benefits to the consumer. For starters, it makes it possible for a locksmith to make new keys right at the dealership. The old keys cannot be put in the new cars anymore. Dealerships do not want to spend the time, money, and effort to change out the ignition in a vehicle that is already in the inventory. A locksmith can perform car key replacement from the dealership.

There is also another benefit to performing car key replacement from a locksmith. If the original ignition is not fixed properly, it can cause a safety hazard. A badly fixed ignition can keep someone from getting into the vehicle. It can keep someone from starting the vehicle and it can keep someone from turning it on or off. Car locksmiths are able to repair this problem by installing a brand new ignition, thus preventing a safety hazard from occurring.

Some people mistakenly think that car keys must be purchased from the manufacturer. Not all manufacturers sell car keys directly. A lot of manufacturers have long-distance distribution and even international shipping capabilities. A locksmith can often purchase high-quality keys from these manufacturers and have them sent directly to a customer.

Car key replacement can sometimes be complicated, but a locksmith can fix the problem. However, people with the skills and resources are best suited to perform the job. Basic car key replacement does not need to be done by a locksmith, as long as the correct service is provided.

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